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How to use our SEO WEBSITE for free?


Please, simply follow these steps:
Visit:   www.optimizemysites.com/seo
1- Sign In or click on My Account.
2- Type in your Username and Password.
3- Click on “User panel” at your right side.
4- At your left side, you can see the menu “Website Manager”. Click on it and click on New website.
5- Put the name of your website in the field called Name.
6- Put your URL (website address, eg. www.prowebdesigns.co.za).
7- Click on “Crawl Meta Tags” and the system will display the title, description and keywords of your website. Remember, our website cannot crawl and show your Meta Tags if it does not have it.
8- Click on “Proceed”.
9- On top, at your left hand side, click on the menu  “SEO TOOLS”.
Click on the sub menu “Import Keywords” then select the name of your website; select the language of your website; select the country of your website and select all search engines.
2- Click on “Crawl Meta Tags” for the system to display your keywords. Then click on “Proceed” at the bottom, right side.
3- Generate Keyword reports. Click on “Generate Keyword Reports”.
4- Select your website name; then select the search engine and then select the keyword and click “Proceed”. Do the same for the rest of the keywords.
5- Site Auditor. Click on “Auditor Projects” at the left column. Click on “New project”.
6- Select the website name and select YES for the following:  Google pagerank of pages , backlinks of pages, pages indexed or not, store all links found in a page and broken links in a page.
7- Select YES for Execute with cron:* CRON JOB will send you reports through your email.
8- There are many other features that you can use for your website… Feel Free to contact us in case you need our assistance. 

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"SEO Is Like a Designed Dam Open Flood Gates & Traffic Just Keeps Flowing"

                                                           Search engine optimization


1-It takes TIME and requests PATIENCE to finalize a good SEO: >>>>We request from you 6 Months to maintain your website and trace relevant keywords.

2-Like a Dam, we create a good path from your website to Search engines, so traffic will continue flowing like Water from a Dam.


4- Our obligation is to make your website VISIBLE.


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