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Keyword Article Writing – How to Write Search Engine Optimized Articles

How to Write Search Engine Optimized Articles

Writing SEO articles is not really that complicated. All you need to do is to know and apply acceptable SEO writing guidelines and you’ll be able to make your articles appear on relevant search page results. Here’s how you can get started:

1. The first rule is to produce great content. Remember, you’re trying to please the search engines and your readers. This will only happen if you offer them with articles that contain high quality content. So, before you think about SEO rules and guidelines, focus first on writing an article that will wow your audience. Start by choosing and discussing those topics that are extremely in-demand in your chosen niche. Offer in-depth, solid, and unique information. Then, make sure that your articles are fun to read. They must also be reader-friendly. They must be short, easy to skim through, to the point, and concise.

2. Keywords and keyphrases. Now that you have finished writing your article, the next thing that you need to do is to optimize it. Start by knowing the keywords that your target audience might use when they’re looking for the information that you’re giving out. It will help if you put yourself in the shoes of this people for a while. Let me give you an example; if you’re promoting hotels in Australia, you might consider using these terms in your articles “accommodation”, “Australia accommodation”, “bed and breakfast”, “Australia”, “Australia tourist industry”, etc. Place these keywords on your titles, Meta tag description, and all throughout you article body without exceeding the keyword density limit.

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Search engine optimization – how to write an optimized articles

1. Use hypertext links. Creating hypertext or anchor texts and using them within your article body is an effective way to increase general interest in your content. In addition, this will increase the chances of your articles being found by the search spiders. However, make sure that you do not overdo it. Converting all your keywords into clickable hyperlinks will surely annoy your readers. I suggest that you insert links just once for every paragraph that contain no less than 100 words. Then, make sure that the pages you link to are great sources of information too.

2. Get webmasters to link with you. You can make your article more valuable to the eyes of the search engines if you get more people to link to it. This will only happen if your article is of high quality and if it contains relevant information that online users will find valuable or useful in their lives.

3. Keyword density. The acceptable keyword density can change any minute. There was time that Google allowed article writers to use up to 3%-5% of their total word count. Today, that has decreased tremendously. Expert SEO article writers recommend to use your keywords just once for every 100 words. You can also use the words that are synonymous to the search terms that you’re targeting. These should help the search spiders in quickly analyzing your content.

4. Always target non-competitive keywords. Using keyword suggestion tools, identify the competitiveness of the keywords that you would like to target. It’s important that you do not go up against a lot of people so you can increase the chances of your articles showing up on the top 10 search page results.

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